Februar 1, 2007

At any time there are running a lot of carnevals in the blogosphere. Just over here in Germany we have some less. Right now, just one – a business blog carneval about PR – public relation .

I just scanned through the list of blogging carnevals in English spoken blogs and stumbled about the Carnival of Wealth Building Ideas.

Flying over the different posts, which were submitted to this carneval there came two thoughts to my mind: One regarding a post which I wrote on December 29, 2006: How rich are you in relation to the most others on the world .

Just in case, that You should feel not so rich, than most others, I suggest, You take a look at that post, click on the link and do the test.
You will be surprised, I promise it.

The other thought: What does wealth really mean?

Let’s have a look in Wikipedia:

„Wealth from the old English word „weal“, which means „well-being“ or „welfare“. The term was originally an adjective to describe the possession of such qualities.

„Wealth“ has come to mean an abundance of items of economic value, or the state of controlling or possessing such items, and encompasses money, real estate and personal property. In many countries wealth is also measured by reference to access to essential services such as health care, or the possession of crops and livestock. An individual who is wealthy, affluent, or rich is someone who has accumulated substantial wealth relative to others in their society or reference group.

Wealth relates more to the flow of resources whilst richness relates more to the static absolute value. A wealthy individual, company or community, thus has more resources than it needs and spends, it enjoys a positive flow of resources, including art, beauty, spiritual well being. A rich person, company or community can or cannot be wealthy, the adjective identifying a quantity of richness, a static point, not a dynamic flow. Thus we can have rich individuals who are not wealthy and rich nations that are not wealthy.

The opposite of wealth is scarcity, the opposite of richness is poverty.“

My feeling is, that a lot of the posts, which were written for the carnveval, are written about wealth, but mean richness.

To feel wealthy, it doesn’t need much. Just a little change of your point of view. From a mentality of scarcity to a mentalita of abundance.

Just take a look aroung You. Which ressources are free in Your country? school? libraries? using the roads? fresh air???Come on, try it: Write down all the things, which You can achieve, without money. Keep on thinking. You will be surprised, how wealthy You are.

And then, dive in that feeling. Feel Your wealth. Enjoy it.

There will be still more time than enough, to think about richness.

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