What could be more satisfying, than to write about something you really enjoy. Maybe this is one of the reasons, why so many people are blogging at all.

But – every blogger will experience the blogging-blues, a period, where ideas do not flow, where nothings seems to be the right thing to blog about, where one might think about to stop blogging at all.

How to ovecome this blogging-blues?

Try some of the following tips and increase your joy, satisfaction and success:

  1. Look for the great things in life. It depends just on You and your thoughts, wether you are feeling good or bad. You have the freedom to chose your thoughts and your re-actions. So just train yourself, to constantly look for great things. What is it, that fascinates you, what could it be?
  2. Do not concentrate on problems, without looking for a solution. Even if the problem seems challenging and time consuming, there is always another way to think and to solve that annoying situation. Use creativity tools, ask your readers for help.
  3. Start small, but start doing something. The faster you act, the faster you gain momentum and get back on track.
  4. Start inspiring contests, involve others to participate, just take problogger as an example.
  5. Surf the web, it is full of inspiring ideas and tips. But just don’t read, take notes, collect them and chose the most inspiring one of those ideas. Than go back to point 3, start acting – and just imagine, you could enjoy the process – the real enjoyment will follow.

Enjoy it and share the results and feelings!