And here is the English version of our instruction:

  1. Just imagine, you have a box above your head, as wide as your shoulders. Now throw the first ball out of your right hand into the left corner of this box and let the ball drop down.
    Down to the floor. That should be easy 😉
    Than the same, with the left hand. Throw the ball into the right corner, and let it drop. (Hint: Try to let the ball drop down, quite near your feet.)
  2. Now, just like step 1, but try to grap the ball, in the opposite hand, (tigh high)
  3. Throw the first ball out of your right hand and the second ball out of your left hand, a short time after the first ball startet.
  4. Just like step 3, but now try to grap both balls.
  5. Now try to throw all three balls, like step 3 (at first ball 1 out of the right hand, than ball 2 out of the left hand, than ball 3 out of the right hand again) and don’t forget: Let all ball drop down to the ground!
  6. Now just like step 5, but try to grap all balls.
  7. Go on and have fun. Enjoy your new and growing ability to juggle.