Where would you estimate yourself? Rather at the upper places? Rather in the center or completely far down? Wolfgang Horbach of the Glücksnetz Blog told me in a telephone call, where one of the causes for the feeling of unfortune from many humans lies:

In comparing!

Comparing actually, is not bad. It might be even fun and stimulate us. The problem emerges, if we compare ourselves predominantly only with those, which do more have (or to earn) than we. Then the stress and annoyance are pre-programmed.

The true problem lies one level deeper: There is (nearly) always someone, who earns more than we do. Whether you now earn 100,000 $ per year, 1 million or 10 million – it is not sufficient by far. But even 100 million should be not enough. And 1 billion – test it out!

What can we do, in order to feel lucky now? Like so often, the solution lies in a (simple) change of the point of view. Look not on those, which have more, but on those, which have less. Then you will feel immediately much better. And then you will be probably surprised, how many humans do have much much less, than you have.

If you would like to know it exactly – here is a link to an on-line computer: He will calculate exactly how much per cent of the world population has less than You (in money). Even if you should live directly at the German poverty limit of 2002 (730.20 Euro per month) you still would belong to the Top 13% of the world!!!


How rich are You?

Still unhappy – then take a look at the link above, where You could do something good with Your money.

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